Microsoft announced The Games With Gold that will be available in June today via Major Nelson’s blog.  As usual, both platforms will receive two free titles, the first batch of which will be available for download beginning on June 1st.

On the list for Xbox 360 are action-platformer Super Meat Boy and super tactical RPG XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Super Meat Boy will be available from June 1st until June 15th. On June 16th, XCOM will take over until June 30th. As all Games With Gold titles are backwards compatible, Xbox One user will also be able to install these titles for free.

In addition to those two titles, Xbox One users will be able to install racing game The Crew and absurdly odd game Goat Simulator where, as the title implies, you play as a goat. Goat Simulator will be available throughout the entirety of June while The Crew will run from June 16th to July 15th.

By downloading all games, you would be saving just under 95 USD, giving you an excuse to buy more games. You can check out the full video announcement below:

Meanwhile, May’s Games with Gold are still live. Though the end of the month, gamers can still get Defense Grid 2 on Xbox One. Costume Quest 2 is then also available through June 15th.  Grab them before they’re gone.

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