These days, with the exception of PC and Wii U games, gamers have to pay a subscription fee to play multiplayer games online.  Microsoft has the Xbox Live Gold subscription, and Sony has its PlayStation Plus service. Xbox One and 360 are getting a taste of the subscriptionless life this weekend with the Multiplayer All-Access event.

Between February 16th and 19th, gamers can play any multiplayer game without needing an Xbox Live Gold subscription. This event applies to both Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. Granted, players may have some difficulty starting a Halo 3 multiplayer match due to a lack of players, but at least they won’t have to pay a subscription fee.

During the Multiplayer All-Access event, Xbox One owners can also download and play Rocket League and NBA 2K17 for free. Furthermore, both of these games are 45% off until February 20th for gamers who want to continue playing after the event.

As one more bonus for Xbox One owners, Stallion83, the gamer with the highest Xbox Gamerscore in the world, and the Xbox team will host an NBA 2K17 game on February 17th at 2PM PST. Both Stallion83 and the Xbox team will accept questions via Beam and Twitch during these game sessions.

Xbox One and 360 owners should act fast if they want to participate in the event.

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