Fans of the hit indie title Hyper Light Drifter can now purchase the Collectors Edition from the iam8bit store. The company is well known for creating physical vinyls and Collectors Edition copies of games. One of the most recent and well known releases was the FTL vinyl record.

Owners of the Collectors Edition will not only receive a digital copy of the game, a world map, a 24-page manual and a special SNES cartridge that doesn’t work whatsoever! The SNES cart will not work for any SNES machines as it does not actually contain the game data within.

If you’re aiming to pick up a copy of the edition, you’ll just have to shell out $65 USD. You will be able to choose to receive a key for the PC, Xbox One or PlayStation 4 copy of the game. Unfortunately, while you’ll get the Steam copy instantly, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 copy won’t be available until their release later in the summer.

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