There are a dozen of indie games whose soundtrack has swayed me and gotten me to pay outright for the album. FTL is one of these. The impeccable musical craftsmanship by Ben Prunty to create an outstanding score for FTL for any moment of the game. From the tranquil space vagarancy to the surreal high intensity space combat against the enemy, each track captures the beautiful loneliness and fear that space represents.

For people like myself who have been feverishly in love with the soundtrack, iam8bit is adding FTL to its extensive lineup of vinyl record albums. iam8bit has made records for Psychonauts, Hotline Miami 2 and BIT. Trip amongst others. The FTL vinyl disk is reworked with Telegraph Mastering Studio to add to the classic feel of the tracks. The cover for the vinyl was done by Leif Podhajsky. The album spans the entire soundtrack:

1. Space Cruise
2. Milky Way
3. Civil
4. Cosmos
5. Deepspace
6. Debris
7. Mantis

1. Engi
2. Colonial
3. Wasteland
4. Rockmen
5. Void
6. Zoltan
7. Federation (Bonus)

1. Milky Way
2. Civil
3. Cosmos
4. Deepspace
5. Debris
6. Mantis
7. Engi

1. Colonial
2. Wasteland
3. Rockmen
4. Void
5. Zoltan
6. Last Stand
7. Victory
8. Horror (Bonus)

FTL_Cover_No_Sticker_1024x1024 FTL_BACK_MAIL_CHIMP_1024x1024

You can pre-order the vinyl for $35 USD right here. They are expected to be sent out in the first quarter of 2016.

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