Oxenfree, which launched earlier this year on Xbox One and PC, will make its way to PS4 on May 31st with all new content.

This version of the game is set to include new dialogue, a use of the DualShock 4’s light bar and speaker as a supernatural radio and even a New Game+ mode that will continue beyond the game’s original ending.

“When my cousin Adam and I started the company a couple years ago, we set out to make a game where players could interact with a big, dangerous story in new ways, the game’s co-creator, Sean Krankel wrote on the PlayStation Blog. “With Oxenfree, we wanted to cast you in a thriller that was frightening, funny, and meaningful in varying doses. And unlike many other narrative games, we wanted you to play through it all with no cutscenes; freeing you up to explore, talk, and solve mysteries fluidly.”

The PS4 will also get a new dynamic theme of the game on May 31st that will reflect events from the game in real-time, meaning that what you see at 8 p.m. will differ from what you will see a few hours later.

It’s worth noting the additional content (excluding the PS4’s theme) will arrive on Xbox One and Steam as well.

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