It was some time ago that Capcom revealed that it would be bringing Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 over to the Xbox One and PS4. The 6th installment has already been released for $19.99, so now there is just two more to go. Thankfully, we now know when the upgraded 5th title will be upon us.

It has now been confirmed that Resident Evil 5 will be brought over to Xbox One and PS4 on June 28th. That is less than a month away, so our anticipation won’t be much longer. This version will have advanced graphics and frame rate, as well as every DLC pack from the original. This includes the PC exclusive, No Mercy Mode. This will be the ultimate way to enjoy this horror/shooter.

There are rumors that a Resident Evil 7 could be announced at E3 by Capcom this year. Stay tuned in to Gamespresso to find out more as the time comes.

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