Over the past month, EA and Ubisoft have been engaged in legal action, after EA attempted to trademark the word ‘Ghost.’ Finally responding to the opposition from Ubisoft, EA has now officially withdrawn the application.

EA originally cited the need to trademark the word due to one of their studios being Ghost Games, the developers of Need for Speed. Stepping in, Ubisoft said the new trademark would “cause confusion” with their own Ghost Recon trademark. Though it was not directly spoken off, the inevitable problems with Activision’s Call of Duty: Ghost title were also a real concern overall.

In legal documents posted on NeoGAF by user Rösti, it’s clear to see the publisher has since removed their application. It’s unclear what, if anything will happen to the name of Ghost Games.

This is only the most recent case of a video game company attempting to trademark something that is widely used in the game’s industry. In January Sony was denied the trademark for ‘Let’s Play.’ In that case Sony did not withdraw the application, it was denied.

If anything changes in regards to the name of Ghost Games for instance, you’ll find it right here on Gamespresso.

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