Released all the way back in 2010, coming to PS4 and PS Vita last year, brutally difficult platformer Super Meat Boy is finally making its way to the Wii U later this month.

Ported by Blitworks, the team behind plenty of other ports, including Don’t Starve and FEZ, Super Meat Boy on the Wii U launches May 12. “Once again, they did a great job,” Super Meat Boy developer Team Meat says on Twitter.

The Wii U version promises to deliver the same fast paced, and probably bloody, action fans of the game have grown to love. The title will support off-screen play, as well as the Wii U Pro Controller.

Super Meat Boy will release for $14, but to thank fans for their patience, the game will be 20% off for the first two weeks after launch.

Joking in a press release, Team Meat writes, “with the Wii U version arriving this month, only the 3DS will be missing (but maybe not for too long ;)) Gotta catch them all!”

Will you be picking up Super Meat Boy on the Wii U? Or did the game already make you break one or more controllers for another system? Maybe throwing a GamePad wouldn’t be the best idea. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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