At Sony’s press conference, the company took a strong hold over the virtual reality market in the gaming world. With their announcement of PlayStation VR launching this October and the promise of 50 titles coming between this release and the end of the year, gamers are wondering what titles could fill these slots. Why not save one for the Batman himself.

A trailer opened up with narration from the Joker, voiced by none of other Mark Hamill. He remarks on all the possible reasons for Batman to wear a mask, whether it makes him feel invincible or whether it matches his feelings towards the world. Unfortunately, the trailer did not show any or give any hints as to how this game will play out in VR, but we can assume the player will take control of the Dark Knight and use his gadgets and detective skills to take down the Joker and other villains in Gotham.

Batman Arkham VR will be released in October, along with the PlayStation VR. See the trailer for yourself below.

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