Battlefield 1 is only months away at this point, but EA and DICE aren’t forgetting about the previous games in the series any time soon. On the contrary, they are bringing a new UI to the older games, meant to “unite Battlefield players regardless of whether they’re playing Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, or Battlefield 1 in October.”

Posting on the game’s official website, DICE explains the main features of the new UI will include the ability to join up in squads with your friends before jumping into a game. There will also be a recommendation system able to suggest modes and maps for players.

Starting now, in a limited beta for Battlefield 4, the new UI will be featured in Battlefield 1, with Hardline set to follow later. Most interestingly though, DICE adds “Once it’s rolled out for all three games, you’ll be able to easily swap between the games as long as you own them. Want to jump from St. Quentin Scar in Battlefield 1 to the skyscrapers of Shanghai in Battlefield 4? It’ll be easier than ever.”

It still remains to be seen how this will actually work in practice, but the promise alone is pretty exciting. Battlefield 1 takes the series back in time to WWI, and will release October 21. As we learn more about the new UI and what DICE has planned for the future of the series, you’ll find it all right here on Gamespresso.

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