NCSoft has released a new patch for Blade and Soul. This new update adds the Soul Fighter class to the game, as well as extensions to existing events, improvements to PVP, dungeons, as well as quality of life improvements to the game. The Soul Fighter is the second hybrid class to be added to the game.

According to the official page for the Soul Fighter class, it will incorporate stance changing, with the Kung Fu stance being intended for defense, mobility, and countering your opponents, while the Elemental Stance is used to attack from a distance and lock enemies in place.

In solo play, the Kung Fu stance will be your go-to stance for dealing with enemies, while the Elemental stance will allow you to unleash elemental damage on unsuspecting opponents. In PVP, players will have a choice of which stance to use based on any given situation. In order to truly be successful with this class, players must be able to determine which stance is appropriate for each situation in order to turn the fight in their favor.

For the full 2.3 patch notes, visit NCSoft’s Official Blade and Soul website for more information. Patch 2.3 for Blade and Soul is available now.

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