With the recent influx of news surrounding Call of Duty Black Ops 3 that gamers have just been bombarded with, I get the impression that Treyarch is really freshening up the franchise with its upcoming shooter.

One such innovation comes in the way that players will be able to decide between playing as a male or female protagonist in the games campaign (which can be played in 4-player co-op – another first for the series), with different voice acting to suit, depending on the gender that you choose.

The script for both genders is roughly the same, but Jason Blundell – the campaign director of Black Ops 3 – pointed out that the team took inspiration from Commander Shepard of the Mass Effect games (Commander Shepard being the protagonist who can be male or female, for the uninitiated). Jason suggested that the reason the script is largely the same for both genders is that “a strong character can be a strong character without the world around them bending to accommodate their gender”. That’s fair enough. Of course, the reason that he won’t mention is that it would have been more time-consuming to do separate scripts, but we’ll take his excuse as reasonable.

It should be interesting to see how this all works in Black Ops 3’s campaign, but we’ll have to wait until the 6th of November when the game launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC to find out.

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