Developer Yacht Club Games has released new footage of one of their upcoming DLC characters, King Knight.

Yacht Club Games has released a tweet that includes a GIF showing King Knight in action on his own themed stage, Pridemoor Keep.

King Knight was one of the stretch goals that was reached during Shovel Knight’s Kickstarter campaign. Other goals included playable versions of Plague Knight, which was released last year, and a playable Specter Knight, who is in simultaneous development with King Knight. Unfortunately, it is very unlikely that Yacht Club Games will develop anymore characters beyond the ones promised during the title’s Kickstarter campaign. The studio has stated that they will likely move onto their next project once Shovel Knight’s Kickstarter stretch goals are completed.

Yacht Club games has not given a release date for the upcoming DLC, but have stated that they plan to finish updating Shovel Knight this year.

Shovel Knight is available on a number of platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Wii U. The game did receive various version-exclusive features, including a boss fight against God of War’s Kratos on PlayStation versions of the game, and a fight with the Battletoads on the Xbox One release.

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