Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s first map was shown off at E3, featuring the beautiful city of Dubai. The first map bridges the gap between Human Revolution and Mankind Divided, providing a setup for the newest game.

Mankind Divided features a darker world from previous titles, and an Adam Jensen who is more comfortable with his augmentations. They wanted to translate that into the game when you’re playing, making a character with presumably more powerful abilities.

It also features a new cover system, where you take choose to take down, or move from cover to cover. Players are encouraged to be creative with the elements in the game, approaching encounters in their own way.

In Dues Ex: Mankind Divided, we will learn that choices and consequences have an effect on the story that is told. It’s not just big A or B moments, it’s when you interact with characters throughout the game. Depending on what you do, they’ll interact differently if you see them again later on. The game is filled with layers for choice and consequence, making a unique experience in the gaming world.

One neat thing that was mentioned at the panel is that if you stay on the Dubai map for too long you’ll end up in the middle of a sandstorm. Over time effects like these will help to make the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided experience truly unique.

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