For some, the thrill of praying to ‘RNJesus’ is the entire appeal for playing card games. For some, it is absolute poison to not just their wallet but their soul as they receive yet another barely uncommon card. Fortunately, if you’re in the latter, you might be interested to hear that CD Projeckt Red wants to make things fair with Gwent.

While it’s impossible to fully remove the element of RNG as that opens up a new can of worms, the team have decided to implement a new feature when it comes to opening packs. Each pack will receive at least 4 commons and 1 rare card. Once revealed, the rare card will show two more rare card as options. The player can then select which of the three rare cards they’d like to keep and then discard the other two. Princple narrative director, Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz explained:

“We have our own thoughts about card games in general, and we felt this innovation would reduce the frustration you sometimes get if you get all the cards you don’t want to have… This gives you at least some degree of control and you feel like you can pick what you like the best. We’re fair to players with our games, and we believe this is something they will enjoy and will improve their experience.”

Something as simple as having extra choice may very well help in the long run as it adds a higher chance to receive not just different cards, but a chance to obtain even rarer cards to use. Gwent will be released later this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Xbox One and PC users will have the luxury of playing the game before launch in a beta test. More details to come for the beta test.

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