Microsoft has extended the Halo Wars 2 beta on Xbox One until the 22nd of June. The beta was set to end today, June 20th, but Dan Ayoub an executive producer at 343 Industries confirmed on Twitter that the beta would be extended, due to high demand.

He also posted on Xbox Wire explaining the absence of a PC Beta. “PC gamers may ask why the current multiplayer beta is only available on Xbox One. We’re working hard to make sure that the PC experience lives up to expectations, and we simply couldn’t get a beta ready in time for E3 that would address the variety of specs across PC rigs. We will be doing a second beta closer to launch that will be available on both Windows 10 PC and Xbox One. We’ll also have the Windows 10 PC version playable across myriad events throughout 2016.”

Microsoft showed off the first footage of Halo Wars 2 during the company’s E3 press conference last week, following an untimely reveal on the Microsoft store prior to the conference. The beta is available to all Xbox Gold members to download for free on the Microsoft store.

Halo Wars 2 will release on both Xbox One and PC on February 21st 2017.

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