Prepare those whetstones because the latest Monster Hunter will be playable sooner than you think.

Capcom announced a Monster Hunter Generations demo available on June 30th during Nintendo’s Treehouse live stream at E3. The demo will also be available starting today to select 3DS owners, so be sure to check your email for an early-access code.

The demo will include three quests, featuring the newly introduced Great Maccao and Malfestio, as well as the familiar Nargacuga from previous games. The demo can be played alone or with others through local and online co-op.

A bonus for having a Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate save file was also announced.  Those with the save data will receive a bonus item pack that includes an exclusive Palico armor set, potions, in-game money, and more.

Along with the announcement was a brand-new trailer featuring the game’s Deviant Monsters. Deviant Monsters are beasts who have survived, adapted, and evolved over generations. Encountered later in the game, Deviant Monsters provide the player with a challenging twist on monsters who have appeared in prior installments. The Dreadqueen Rathian and Grimclaw Tigrex are examples of new Deviant Monsters.

A demo was also shown for the game highlighting new additions to the series like the Style system, Hunter Arts, and Prowlers.

Monster Hunter Generations will release July 15th for the 3DS in North America and Europe.

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