Blizzard’s extremely successful hero shooter, Overwatch, has been released for about a month now. Within that time players have only gained more and more skill. That means that the competition has only grown with it. This will only become more important once the official Competitive Mode is fully released for the shooter. Consider this was announced for this summer, our heroes have to be ready at any moment.

One hero in Overwatch has gained some attention on Reddit recently. A redditor named canadlaw wrote a long post discussing how his win percentage while playing as Torbjorn is dramatically better than his overall win percentage. This is %51 to %80. He explains, “Every other match is basically whether a team can successfully turtle with their Torb (or, more likely, your 2 or 3 Torbs). If correctly combined with a Reinhart and some good players, some maps are virtually unwinnable on attack.” Clearly it is his defensive power and turrets that make this hero so unmatched in Overwatch games.

Thankfully for players everywhere, this post was heard and responded with another by Game Director Jeff Kaplan. He has promised that Torbjorn’s turret damage will be reduced by %30. This significant change should help teams better fight off against his masterful defense. This nerf, however, is only coming to those on Xbox One and PS4 and will be coming sometime this summer.

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