Nintendo has announced that not everything will be available in Pokemon Go when the game launches.

When Nintendo was asked whether or not trading will be available when the game launches, the company stated that while they are developing the feature, it will not be available until after the game releases. Nintendo stated that they are more invested in making sure that the core experience for Pokemon Go was fantastic, allowing players to learn how to use the app and catch some Pokemon before they can trade with others.

Nintendo did not give any information on how players will be able to catch legendary Pokemon, but it has been reported that special events will be held in different cities to allow players to catch those rare Pokemon.

It was also announced that evolving Pokemon will be different than in other Pokemon titles. Catching multiple Pokemon will reward a trainer with candy, which can then be used to level up and evolve your Pokemon.

A number of other details were also released for Pokemon Go. This includes details on the Pokemon Go Plus, an accessory that players can wear that will connect to the base game.

Pokemon Go will release this July for iOS and Android devices. Stay tuned to Gamespresso for all your E3 news this week.

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