Battles have been changed a bit in the new Pokemon Sun and Moon, all with the idea of making them more immersive.

The camera now rotates around the Pokemon and the trainers themselves as the battle continues. This not only shows the trailers standing behind their Pokemon, but also shows the size of the Pokemon compared to the trainers. They are scaled to an accurate size.

The new system also shows off the environment more. You can even see crowds in the background, watching the battles. As the time of day changes, so do the light effects for the battle, the shadows of the trainers and Pokemon changing based on when you fight the battle.

On the gameplay side of things, capturing Pokemon now gives experience, fighting each Pokemon multiple times will reveal new information about their strengths and weaknesses, and  you can tap on any move for your own Pokemon to see their stats.

To encourage players to really go out and catch them all, the Pokedex now shows white icons to show each Pokemon you have yet to find.

What do you think of the changes? Let us know. For everything from Pokemon Sun and Moon, keep checking back right here on Gamespresso.

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