Announced moments ago, the fine folks over at the Nintendo Treehouse have let loose the Rhythm Heaven Megamix trailer. Most surprising is that the game is available to purchase and download on the US 3DS eShop right now!

Rhythm Heaven Megamix is the 4th game in the Rhythm Heaven series, following Rhythm Heaven Fever for the Wii. As the name implies, the premise of the game is to play an assortment of mini games that revolve around rhythm and playing to the beat. Not only will Rhythm Heaven have original mini games, it will take some fan favorites from the older Game Boy Advance, DS and Wii Rhythm Heaven games.

For the first time in the series, Megamix will have a story where young Tiby is trying to get back to the Rhythm World. Whether or not it has any complexity in terms of story telling is null when you consider the fact the story has to account for strange monochromatic men stepping to the beat.

Furthermore, Rhythm Heaven Megamix will be very multi-player friendly with the ability to share the game with 3 other players in order to have 4 player battles. On top of this, the game will support Streetpass where you can play a 1-on-1 battle mode.

Aside from being able to purchase the game right now, there will also be a demo if you wanted to give the game a try before buying. Well what are you waiting for? Get the game already!

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