At Microsoft’s E3 conference, Mojang stepped on stage to give a presentation on their new version of Minecraft which would be used in conjunction with the Microsoft Hololens. The presentation showed us the perspective of the Minecraft world from someone looking down, in this case, those shoes would be filled by the player with the Hololens headset on.

During the live demonstration a member of the Mojang development team used the headset to look over the Minecraft whilst playing with another member on stage. The member wearing the headset was allowed to look at the word from different angles, zooming in and out of buildings, looking under the surface to the mines below and being able to call on thunder as an example of the Hololens’ voice commands. The thunder was used to set fire to a pig pen and detonate a pile of TNT. This should allow for greater freedom in the world and act as an overall refresher to the game.

The Hololens is compatible with the PC version of Minecraft, enabling you  still play with your friends, but giving you greater agency and slightly more power in the world.

More of the Hololens and it’s capabilities with Minecraft should be revealed at MineCon 2015.

Sources: E3 Press Conference, IGN

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