Rod Fergusson, Studio Manager of Black Tusk studios has announced that the company will be renamed to The Coalition.

The announcement was made via a ‘Rodcast’, and although normally these things are done live, with E3 just around the corner – with an expected Gears of War announcement – the need for an uploaded video was present. Fergusson, in regards to the name, stated the following

We put a lot of thought into this as we prepare for Gears of War to be released unto the world, and it has a lot to do with who we are as a team. Over the last year, since I’ve been here, the culture of the studio has changed a lot.

He proceeded to say the following as well, “We also wanted something that harkened to Gears of War, that people know. When you look at the other Microsoft studios, 343, you are working on Halo. If you go to Turn 10, you are working on a racing game. And we wanted people to go, ‘I’m going to work at Coalition.’ you know you’re working on a Gears of War game.”

This is not the first time that The Coalition has gone through a name change, originally known as Microsoft Vancouver. This will be, however, the first Gears of War game that Coalition Studios puts out since acquiring the franchise from Epic Games back in 2014.

Gears of War has often been hailed as a rival for the Halo series, although both are Xbox Exclusives.

Rod Fergusson seems pretty confident in the name and logo change, stating that

“Its a combination of who we are as a team, and what we are working on.”

For the full announcement, check out the video below.


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