THE BROTHERHOOD, creators behind the well received isometric adventure game, STASIS, have announced that their upcoming game, CAYNE will be free to download on both Steam and game’s official website. According to the game’s website, you will not need to own a copy of STASIS to download the game.

The website goes into more detail on the game and what players can expect, saying, “CAYNE is an isometric, point-and-click adventure video game in development by THE BROTHERHOOD. Mom-to-be, Hadley, has woken up to the horrors of a medical facility. Taking control, the player explores and interacts with the environment, uses and combines items that are found to progress deeper into the world. CAYNE is set in the STASIS universe and sets out to tell an original short story in the STASIS series.”

If you are a newcomer to the STASIS universe you can still experience what CAYNE has to offer. The developers have confirmed that even though it takes place in the STASIS universe, the game contains no spoilers for the previous game.

In total, CAYNE will also offer about 1.5 hours of gameplay, according to the game’s developers. It will be available for download on both Steam and the game’s official website sometime in winter 2016.

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