Once again, Niantic has updated Pokemon GO’s tracking system.  This new update is now available in most countries.

Earlier this month, Pokemon GO’s tracker was updated to allow trainers to track the specific locations of various Pokemon.  However, the tracker only displayed Pokemon that were near Pokestops; Pokemon that spawned away from Pokestops did not appear in the tracker, leaving a broken system for trainers who didn’t live near Pokestops.  This apparent oversight angered many trainers, but Niantic promised to listen to feedback and improve the tracker.

Pokemon GO’s latest update now shows nearby Pokemon that aren’t tied to Pokestops.  However, there are still some flaws with the update.  The tracker gives priority to Pokemon near Pokestops, which makes it extremely difficult to track a Dratini if the nearby Pokestops are flooded with Pidgey and Nidorans.  Niantic has promised to listen to player feedback regarding these changes.

The Pokemon tracker still needs some improvements, but Niantic is clearly dedicated to fixing the system.  This tracker update comes right on the heels of another major update that allows trainers to transfer multiple Pokemon.  Additionally, Niantic released yet another update that was predicted by dataminers.  With any luck, the tracker will be continued to be improved in the near future.

Trainers who are interested in keeping up to date on the latest Pokemon GO news can visit the official website or facebook page.

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