Watch Dogs 2 hijacked the stage at the Ubisoft conference last night to show off some of the gameplay that will be on offer when it releases November 15, 2016.

The footage starts with a member of the hacker group Dedsec speaking to the camera detailing how the in-game social media service, !Nvite, is rigging elections by tailoring the feeds to fool you into voting for “their puppet” Congressman Mark Thruss.

You are then introduced to Marcus Holloway, “a brilliant hacker fighting to take back control from this corrupted establishment.” Marcus’ motivations are not yet apparent but it seems that he is more for the greater good than the previous protagonist Aiden Pearce.

The footage touches upon the co-op in Watch Dogs 2, but it doesn’t engage in it, instead opting to show off the single player experience. You also meet another Dedsec member who goes by the moniker Wrench. He wears a digital mask in the game and employs a voice changer.

The hacking in Watch Dogs 2 has more freedom than the original, with the ability to control cranes, cars and pretty much any device like a remote controlled car, which is how Marcus gets into the congressman’s penthouse.

The mission on show is called “Power to the Sheeple” and shows Marcus gathering incriminating evidence on !Nvite and Mark Thruss. The method employed by the person playing is non-lethal favouring the Taser and stealth to achieve their goal. You will see some familiar techniques, such as using cameras to scout the area and object in the environment to draw guards away from doors, new tools shown in the demo are the drone and a zapper. The mission ends on a high note when Marcus must use a trophy car in the penthouse to plough through some guards and then hack their communications, causing a distraction so he can zip line out of the penthouse.

Watch Dogs 2 will release November 15 2016 for PS4, PC and Xbox One. All DLC will be available for PS4 30 days in advance.

Excited for Watch Dogs 2? Or did the first game put you off the franchise? Let us know in the comments below.

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