What may come as a surprise to some, Gearbox Studio’s writer Aaron Linde has announced that he’ll be leaving the studio.

The head writer of the recently released Battleborn has stated that he is “hauling back up to the pacific northwest in a week or so for an awesome opportunity.” With his huge resume – from Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor to Gears of War 3 – there’s no limit to where Linde could be headed, whether it’s another AAA studio or an indie start-up. However, Linde has stated that he’ll “talk more about [the opportunity] soon,” so watching his Twitter feed will be a good idea to those that have enjoyed Linde’s writing.

Sam Winkler has now taken over Battleborn’s writing in place of Linde at Gearbox Studios. His first job has been to write up the game’s latest hero, named Alani.

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