In an interview with Gamespot, co-director of Kingdom Hearts III Tai Yasue was asked whether or not fans would see any worlds based on the Final Fantasy series. Yasue was quick to shut down these hopes by stating that world selection are based on ‘gameplay’ elements that would make the world unique and interesting. The fear is that Final Fantasy worlds already have a basic and familiar style that is difficult to create variety from.

“The best thing would be to have Disney Worlds every recognize and are famous, but that are also distinct and unique.We want the difference and variety, we don’t want a lot of the same thing”

The world of Kingdom Hearts is a multiverse where original, Disney and Square Enix characters meet. There has never been a formal ‘Final Fantasy’ world in any of the Kingdom Hearts games. There have however been original worlds such as Destiny Island, Traverse Town, Twilight Town and Hollow Bastion/ Radiant Garden which served as the home world for various Final Fantasy characters. It would seem that if anything, these places and more original Worlds will be making an appearance in Kingdom Hearts III.

“We’re not adding any Final Fantasy worlds. A lot of the original worlds had Final Fantasy characters in them. At this moment, we are not really coming up with any plans for that, we’re making original worlds and Disney worlds.”

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