So you’ve watched Ana’s origin video and you may have wondered how exactly does Widowmaker tie in with Ana’s disappearance. Well, the question was quickly remedied as Blizzard released a comic titled ‘Legacy’ showing off the events that led to newcomer Ana’s MIA status.

The comic begins with Ana having an inner monologue on her beliefs when it comes to fighting. That her deepest desires is to make sure she can protect the notion of ‘family’ no matter what. To the point that she empathises with not just her family, but the family of people whose lives she has claimed. In Legacy, Ana and the rest of the members of Overwatch are trying to protect some key scientists from being taken by Talon, the adversary who plan to use them for nefarious deeds.

During the mission, a mysterious assailant pins down the team, leaving Ana to locate and take down this opposing sniper. As she guides her team out of danger, she stays behind to take out the enemy. As you could guess, she discovers the enemy as Widowmaker, the wife of an ex-member of Overwatch who was brainwashed and forced to kill her husband.

The moment she recognizes Widowmaker, she over analyzes and hesitates on taking a follow-up shot, leaving her vulnerable to a counter shot. This mistake cost her cybernetic eye and her dignity as she disappears from the battlefield, leaving behind her family.

The comic ends with Ana in dire straits, bleeding out after getting shot through her scope.

Ana is currently available to play with on the Overwatch PTR. Her release date, along with the biggest patch to date for the game is still undefined. You can read up on Ana’s abilities and the patch notes here.

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