A bizarre addition to Evolve Stage 2 has arrived with the new modification for the trapper, Griffin Hallsey. This new form will change the celebrity actor-turned-hunter into another actor who plays  as Griffin Hallsey named Roger Brown. Confused yet? Roger Brown plays as Griffin Hallsey in the in-game movie flop “Electro Griffin and the Ninjas of Neo-Tokyo”.

Basically, Roger Brown will be an alternate trapper to Griffin Hallsey, featuring a whole new kit. As mentioned on the Evolve blog, these abilities include:

  • The Laser Storm: Infused with electro neuron dampening plasma, this SMG will slow the movement of anything it touches
  • The Final Lockdown: Bursting with sonic disrupter energy; this harpoon gun will damage and restrain the movement of its targets
  • The Electro Suit: Allows the use of Electro Griffin’s full movement speed while firing for unprecedented combat mobility
  • Sound Spikes: Short range tracking devices that will reveal any Monster within the radius
  • Planet Scanner: Upon activation points the whole team in the direction of the Monster and gives Electro a short boost of speed

Electro Griffin is available right now for all versions of the game. He is available for purchase using silver keys which you earn in game in Evolve Stage 2. Players who own the Founder edition will receive the character as soon as they log in to the game.

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