If you’ve been a fan of the Expeditions series, you’re in for a sudden wave of disgruntlement as the team, Logic Artists have announced that their upcoming addition to the series, Expeditions: Viking will have to be delayed. The team estimated that the delay will leave the game for a release hopefully by February 2017. The decision to delay the game was highlighted by Logic Artist’s producer Ali Emek:

“There are so many things we’d like to get just right with Viking. We’re confident with the game’s narrative and high level of player choice, but want to spend additional time on some of the more exciting and challenging elements of the game’s development.”

The Expeditions series started with the crowdfunded Expeditions: Conquistador back in 2013. Conquistador laid the foundations of what the Expeditions series would pertain: a historic RPG experience where you can recruit allies and explore the world. The game has a combinations of not just RPG elements but strategy-style combat grid. There was even an option to pit squads against friends who also owned the game. Expeditions: Conquistador has met generally positive review since its release and is currently on sale over at the Steam storefront at 75% off.

Expeditions: Viking seek to bring back this well-received formula and add in new features including environmental hazards, more world map encounters to spice up the game and much more. The game was slated for release sometime in October of this year. However, as the statement mentioned, it is hoped for a release in February 2017 for Steam.

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