The biggest update to the mobile game yet, patch 1.6 is set to add questing and a new combat system to Fallout Shelter. With it launching alongside the PC release of the game, both the update and the PC version go live Thursday, July 14.

Bethesda shared the news on Twitter over the weekend, posting a countdown of five days on Saturday. Five days until “you’re besting and questing in Fallout Shelter’s biggest update,” the developer said.

Revealed at E3, update 1.6 allows you to send your dwellers on quests, including new locations for you to explore. It also adds new enemies, new dwellers, and an active combat system. While coming to mobile devices, the update also marks the release of the much-anticipated PC version of the shelter management game.

Fallout Shelter was a surprise announcement and release at E3 2015. It preformed remarkably well in the run up to the launch of Fallout 4, and Bethesda has continued that success with multiple free additions to the game. Players are tasked with managing a growing shelter, dealing with and assigning dwellers to different rooms based on the needs of food, energy, water, and defense. As shelters grow, so does the demand for more resources.

Fallout Shelter is currently free-to-download on iOS and Android.

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