With Gears of War 4 coming to Xbox and Microsoft Windows this October, right about now is an ideal time to release more information on the upcoming game. And that’s exactly what The Coalition, the studio behind Gears of War 4, has done with its first post on its developer blog. The Coalition announced that Credits will be available in-game as well as for purchase with real-world currency. Credits can then be used to purchase Gear Packs, which provide randomized Cards that in turn unlock weapons, skins and the like.

“Simply put, Cards are the new way to unlock new customization content in Gears of War 4 that represent a variety of items,” reads the official post.

In essence, Gear Packs are similar to Loot-Boxes in Overwatch or Loot-Chests in League of Legends. Gear Packs contain Cards which, in turn, unlock horde abilities, equipment, player card emblems and versus mode characters. The Coalition is still taking multiplayer balance very seriously however, stating, “no cards have any gameplay impact for Versus Multiplayer – only Cosmetics and Bounties apply in Versus modes.

Gears of War 4 Gear Packs

In most cases, Gear Packs will be randomized, containing different Cards each time they are opened. Individual Cards will be assigned a specific rarity level. To purchase the packs, players can earn Credits by playing in Versus Mode. The better a player’s performance, the more Credits he or she will earn. While The Coalition does mention that Credits will be available for purchase with real-world currency, no projected price ranges are given.

“We’ll discuss more specifics on the individual Gear Packs on offer in Gears of War 4 closer to release day,” the post reads. Though exact details have yet to be revealed, Gear Packs appear to promise loads of customization and aesthetic content.

Gears of War 4 releases on October 11, 2016 for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. If you pre-order the Ultimate Edition for Xbox One, you can get the game four days in advance on October 7. It’s still a few months away, so if you can’t quell your excitement, check out the full developer blog for more information, or see Marcus Fenix in action in the game’s newest gameplay trailer.

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