Huge blockbuster games are great. They take technology to its limits and push the boundaries of what every player thinks is possible until they see it for themselves. While we love our giant titles, the indie community has a massive amount of appeal that encourages creativity of a whole different kind. It is these developers that are forced to change the way we think when we play a game. That is what Strike Gamelabs is hoping to do with their first title, Underzone.

Recently announced by the newly formed studio, Underzone is a roguelite game that is set to release next year. If you didn’t already know, a roguelite game is a dungeon crawler with random-map and monster generation. This is a very vague description, but Diablo and Binding of Isaac are good popular examples. Underzone will have these random generation of enemies and maps as well.

The special twist that Strike Gamelabs has added, however, is the idea of an enemy that learns. As you use one weapon in the game a certain amount, the baddies will learn to adapt against said weapon. That means the player will have to adapt as well. Search around the dungeons more, find new items, and make your way through in one piece. You can go to the official website to learn more about Underzone. We look forward to seeing more in the future.

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