In this day and age, there are countless bug hunters who like to push games to the limit by finding weird and quirky glitches and bugs in games. One such hunter is hulkman503 and his friend iainguy who discovered a way to leave the confines of one of the maps on Overwatch’s Nepal map and float their way to one of the other stages from the map. The video below shows the process:

Utilizing Mercy’s flight and ultimate ability, the duo were able to float past various skyboxes and death points in order to fly around the outside of the map and phase into the walls of another section of the Nepal map.

The duo discovered that every part of the asset was loaded in except for the control point. Health drops and breakable objects were interactable. Due to the lack of a control point however, this bug is virtually pointless and can actually be a detriment. This is because, as the duo explained, a player can easily swap with the empty spawn room to Symmetra and grief the team by putting a teleporter in the empty stage. Death will bring players back to the normal respawn room.

As of the time of this video’s release, the glitch still exists but expect the next update to patch this exploit.

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