Blizzard has announced Hearthstone’s next adventure called One Night in Karazhan, featuring magus Medivh as the host of an extravagant party.

Similar to the game’s previous adventures, One Night in Karazhan will be released episodically through different wings. The party will begin as the first wing becomes available on August 11th. The full adventure can be purchased for $19.99, or  $6.99/700 in-game gold for each individual wing. Also, Karazhan will add all-new class challenges and a game board, the Funky Tower.

A total of 45 new cards will be added in Karazhan including two, Enchanted Raven and Firelands Portal, obtained through the adventure’s free prologue mission.

Blizzard goes on to describe some of the encounters players should expect in the upcoming adventure:

“The magus Medivh has put his considerable mystic talents to work transforming Karazhan into the ultimate celebration destination, so prepare yourself for an unforgettable night! First you’ll meet the staff, including his ever-capable majordomo, Moroes, and then it’s off to an enchanted evening filled with music and dancing, unforgettable performances, and so much more. When you’re not burning up the dance floor, you can take a break to enjoy amenities beyond imagination, including sumptuous feasts in the dining hall and a visit to Karazhan’s magnificent menagerie.”


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