For years, Mojang and its world renowned creation, Minecraft, has been in the hearts and minds of creative people around the world. From kids who love the interactive world to adults putting their architectural skills to the test, this title has always been a lot of fun. Now, since the Story Mode has been released, these same followers are enthralled in the adventure of Jesse, traveling through portals and saving worlds. The next chapter in this tale is soon to arrive.

Minecraft: Story Mode will soon be adding an Episode 7 to the series. Being called, “Access Denied,” Jesse continues to try and get home. This time, however, our protagonist finds themselves in a world controlled by the evil PAMA. PAMA is a corrupt thinking machine that is in pursuit of perfect efficiency. Unfortunately, this means taking total control of the population of this world. Jesse and a new ally will have to team up to take down this totalitarian PAMA and return peace to this world and its people.

This latest piece in the Minecraft: Story Mode will feature special guest, Yvette Nicole Brown as Harper. Episode 7, Access Denied, will be released on July 26th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, iOS, Android, and Amazon. It is included in the Adventure Pass and can also be purchased separately for $4.99, but only if you already own Episode 1.

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