It looks as though Blizzard has added a small surprise to some of the maps in Overwatch. The game has recently received an update that not only added Competitive Play, but has also added a little flair to one of the game’s more popular set pieces.

For many players, the basketball hoops on the Ilios, Nepal, and Lijiang maps have become a fun way to pass the time while waiting for a match to start. In Overwatch’s latest update, the game recognizes when you make a basket. Confetti along with fireworks and the sound of a buzzer and a cheering crowd will follow.

Shout outs to Twitch streamer AnneMunition for capturing this new addition to the game on her channel.

As mentioned, along with this update, Blizzard released Competitive Play mode for Overwatch. This mode gives players a more serious experience by allowing them to track their progress, play against players of matching skill, and also awards them for outstanding play and teamwork. This mode is available once players hit level 25.

We also saw adjustments to both McCree and Widowmaker. These characters saw a reduction in the amount of damage they do as well as smaller changes to their play styles. Blizzard also plans make changes to the Support hero, Zenyatta in the future.

The Competitive Play mode for Overwatch is now available for all versions of the game.

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