A nasty bug targeted the PlayStation 4 version of Overwatch last week, causing a few accounts to become corrupted and lose player progress, settings, levels, competitive points, and skill rating.

According to developer Blizzard, the source of the problem was found rather quickly, but ultimately took more time to create a fix to recover the data that these users lost.

“While the source of the issue was quickly identified and corrected, it took us a bit longer to develop a process to recover the corrupted data,” Blizzard wrote in a blog post. “As of today, however, we’ve completed a restoration of credits, levels, and competitive points on the accounts we could see were impacted.”

Unfortunately, Skill Ratings were unable to be repaired by the same method as the other lost data.

“Unlike levels or currency, your Skill Rating is a dynamic piece of data,” Blizzard explained.  “As you play, the rating is continuously updated, and the nature of this bug makes it difficult to establish the exact point of failure. So, rather than risking an incorrectly restored Skill Rating, the matchmaking system will use the player data that’s been collected since the failure to calibrate your new rating.” Players affected will likely have to replay their placement matches in competitive play.

The company says “We’ve done our best to get back as much as possible using the tools we have available,” and promises to improve restoration processes while simultaneously reducing the chance that something that this will happen again.

In brighter Overwatch news, the July update is out now, which brings a large number of changes to the game, including the introduction of the first post-launch character, Ana.

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