Hi-Rez’s battle of the Gods MOBA game Smite, is a game that’s been holding its ground in the market against the likes of DoTA2 and LoL.

Smite is a 3rd person MOBA where players can use a plethora of Gods from various pantheons to do battle in a 5v5 team. The objective is to push down lanes and take down opponent towers, phoenix and titans. There are also various game modes including Assault, Arena and Siege that changes this formula slightly with a different way to play.

Smite has had several big tournaments including the Smite World Championship 2015 which had a prize pool of more than 2 million USD; and now since the market in Oceania has started to increase, there is now going to be the Oceanic Smite Pro League tournament; and the finale will be played at PAX Australia.

The winning team at PAX Australia will win the major prize pool that has yet to be announced and be getting tickets to Atlanta, Georgia to participate in the World Championship 2016 to represent Oceania.

Currently the Pro League has a split; with the first being based upon local teams fighting against each other in order to get to the qualifying match to get into split 2. Split 2 has a lot more pressure where teams will be fighting straight for the regional finals. It’s fairly convoluted but the basic takeaway is that Split 2 offers very little second chances; Split 1 gives a lot more chances for teams that may have lost to redeem themselves.


Currently you can register your team here. You better be quick! The open ladder starts on the 30th of March and will run to June 6th. You can also read what each ladder and tournament means from the link above as well as dates and information.

The gong has sounded for Oceanic Smite teams to obtain glory. PAX Australia is on October 28th to November 1st and it’ll be massive. I’m going to be there and I will definitely be taking part in the cheering crowds! Anyone else coming? Let us know!

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