True to the Total War series, the DLC is now flooding in with the trailer release for Beastmen, the 6th faction to be included in Total War: Warhammer. The Beastmen are an ancient race that existed during the origin of the current age of man. They are a cursed race that were damned to transform into beast-like creatures. They are a savage group that seeks to overthrow man and revert them back to the weak fodder they once were.

The Beastmen DLC will come with even more content than what the Chaos DLC brought. The new faction will bring with it a slew of units pertaining to the Beastmen faction, two new Beastmen heroes, as well as a new Campaign map called ‘Call of the Beastmen’. This map will be featured in the Beastmen’s campaign story “An Eye for an Eye” and will follow the hero Khazrak the One Eye.

The Beastmen’s battle style hasn’t been shown off yet, but according to a quick Q&A on the Total War forums, the Beastmen will specialize in guerrilla warfare. Many of their units will have the vanguard trait with a high movement speed. This lets the Beastmen do quick raids and take down unsuspecting enemies.

Thankfully, even if players do not purchase the DLC, the Beastmen will still be available as an enemy faction during the campaign. What’s more, players without the DLC can still play in multiplayer with players who do.

The DLC will be available for Total War: Warhammer on the 28th of July. It can be preordered right now on Steam for 10% off.

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