Blizzard is working on an issue that currently exists in Overwatch’s Competitive Play mode. The bug causes players to disconnect from their current match only to receive a loss, which in turns leads to a decrease in the player’s overall skill rating once they reconnect to the game. This happens regardless of the outcome of the match.

Game director, Jeff Kaplan, responded to a forum post regarding this issue. In his post, Kaplan replies that he and his team will have this issue resolved sometime this week. “We have some fixes coming,” he says. Kaplan unfortunately doesn’t share any specific details on how the fix will be implemented.

Overwatch’s Competitive Play mode released earlier last week for all platforms. The mode offers players a more serious experience by giving them an opportunity to play against other players of similar skill, as well as reward them for their performance and teamwork.

With the release of Overwatch’s new Competitive Play mode, we have seen a stream of new content and improvements come to the game. Overwatch recently saw balance changes to both McCree and Widowmaker. Blizzard also plans on making adjustments to the support hero Zenyatta in the future.

Overwatch is avalible for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One

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