A new hero for Overwatch has been announced. Some players may be considering saving Loot Boxes with the hopes of grabbing all of her new skins and sprays. Unfortunately, that will not work, as Loot Boxes are generated when they are earned or bought, not when they are opened.

“Loot Box contents are generated at the time that they are earned or purchased, NOT when they are opened,” Blizzard explained. “This means that any Loot Box you earn or purchase now, or at any point before Ana is released, will not have a chance to contain her cosmetic items. Only those Loot Boxes that are earned or purchased after she is live and playable on your gaming platform will be eligible for her skins, sprays, voice lines, hero emotes, etc.”

Blizzard also stated that this system will be used in the future, and will apply to all upcoming characters.

Blizzard recently announced Ana, Overwatch’s long-teased support sniper. Ana’s abilities are entirely dependent on who she is aiming at, as her Biotic Rifle will damage any enemies she shoots, and heal any allies that she fires at. Ana has not been released yet, but will be “coming soon.”

Overwatch is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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