Niantic, the developers behind Pokemon Go, revealed the identities of the three team leaders during their panel at this year’s Comic Con. Until now, these three characters were a mystery during the initial launch of Pokemon GO this year, but now we know what Candela the leader of Team Valor, Blanche for Team Mystic, and Spark for Team Instinct actually look like.

Before this reveal, it was announced that Pokemon GO has been setting multiple records on the mobile market. The app has had more downloads in its first week on the app store than any other app in history, dethroning the previous record holder, Clash of Clans.

Pokemon Go

The app is currently the #1 top grossing app on the Apple Store, and analysts predict that it could easily bring in $1 billion a year. This could allow Niantic to not only fix issues that currently exist in the app, but can also allow them to add new features that can better improve the overall experience of Pokemon GO.

It has also been announced that Pokemon GO Plus has been delayed in order to make adjustments to the app in preparations for the launch of the device.

The device is expected to release sometime in September of this year.

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