Pokemon GO is starting to become the Michael Phelps of app records, claiming more and more with each day. And this week’s no different, with Niantic and Nintendo’s augmented reality game grabbing another record off the shelves.

While the precise numbers haven’t been stated yet, it’s been revealed to Polygon that Pokemon GO has broken the record for the number of first-week downloads, with “more downloads in its first week than any other app in history.”. Prior record holder was Clash of Clans, which now has to settle for second place.

The app only came to Japan two days ago, with North American release being less than two weeks old, yet the game’s already holding the spot for #1 free app and #1 grossing app, generating somewhere between $1 and $2.3 million a day since its release.

Some analysts easily see Pokemon GO generating a revenue of $1 billion a year, allowing Niantic to fix server issues, add new functions and mechanics, while also improving on the experience. As well, the app is currently being used more on mobile devices than Twitter, and has started a huge craze among many people worldwide.

If you haven’t downloaded Pokemon GO yet, then why are you still reading this? Go download GO, and see what the buzz is all about!

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