A revamped spectator mode for Overwatch is not too far off.

New features will be coming to the mode in the near future, game director Jeff Kaplan revealed, in an effort to make Overwatch more appealing for the eSports scene.

“We want to work on more Spectator Mode features, in particular for eSports,” Kaplan said during an Q&A on Twitch. “And when we do more for eSports, we want to add a Spectator Mode that has a lot of statistics for the match so that broadcasters and observers can surface more to the viewers and I think make a really great experience for viewing eSport or competitive Overwatch.”

No exact date was given for the possible update, but it’s likely that it will be implemented prior to the game becoming part of Turner’s ELeague in September.

Overwatch has received a plethora of other changes this past week, with the introduction of the Summer games event in honor of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, featuring a new game mode, new cosmetic items and a whole bunch of angry fans. You can catch up on the new event and all of the other updates that came to Overwatch by taking a quick look at the latest patch notes.

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