Diablo 3 might have released four years ago, but Blizzard will be damned if they won’t keep fiddling around with it. Blizzard has released the full patch notes for Diablo 3’s upcoming 2.4.2 patch, which aims at adding a new difficulty level.

A few new torment levels have been added, this time from 11-13, which supposedly will offer “progressively better loot” to those treading those deadly levels. Drop rates for rarer items will improve, along with gold drops.

Along with this is a hotkey for removing the UI to help make screenshots look awesome, a unique icon for the Menagerist Treasure Goblin, some balancing to crowd control buffs, and a lot more. I mean, a whole lot more. The entire patch note, which can be viewed here, is over 2,200 words long and has its own table of contents. Everything from weapons receiving new abilities, to classes being nerfed or buffed, to even class-specific armor pieces having stats changed, can all be found in the new update.

Blizzard still hasn’t announced anything about the Diablo series, whether a Diablo 4 is on the way or when they’ll stop updating Diablo 3, so it’s safe to say that Diablo players might have a few more years of Blizzard tweaking and adding new functionality to Diablo 3.

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