Fallout 4 has seen a huge amount of success since it was released last November. Many months, a mobile app, and some downloadable content later and this title is still on top. Since Bethesda is always busy working on the next big thing from their studios, the next DLC, Nuka-World,will be the last for Fallout 4. While this will bring a lot of nice things for players, it also brings some not so nice things.

Fallout 4 is filled with a lot of raiders looking to gain as much for themselves as possible, even if it means taking from others. In the amusement park of Nuka-World, three gangs rule. You can become the leader of one of these gangs if you so choose. Your choices are the Disciples, a bloody and violent group, the Operators, a tech savy stealth gang, and the Pack. What’s there to say about the Pack? They are absolutely out of their minds crazy.

So if any of these groups sound up your ally, you can make your way through Fallout 4’s new Nuke-World and become a leader. Be warned, however, this will make you an enemy of the rest of the gangs. Not to mention the other creatures running around.

The Nuka-World DLC is launching tomorrow August 30th on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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