Street Fighter V had a little bit of time in the sun during Sony’s press conference at E3. The audience didn’t just get some more gameplay footage though. We got the promise of a beta and much more.

There are now two more confirmed characters for Street Fighter V. The first is Cammy, who has been a popular character in many Street Fighter games, having won a popular vote to become downloadable in Street Fighter IV. The more surprising character is Birdie, who hasn’t been seen since Street Fighter Alpha 3 on the original PlayStation. With his awesome mohawk, leather jacket, and chain whip, he should become a popular player yet again.

Also announced during Sony’s press conference, they have confirmed that the first beta will last 5 days and begin on July 23rd. After that there will be two more betas, but their dates have yet to be announced. Street Fighter V will be released for PS4 and Windows in Spring of 2016.

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