It may feel like you’ve been waiting light years for No Man’s Sky to arrive, and now with mere days until the game’s release, many have struggled to avoid watching any spoilers or pre-release videos.

If you need something to fill your No Man’s Sky fix prior to Tuesday’s release, you can preview the game’s official soundtrack thanks to a stream posted by the band behind it, 65daysofstatic.

Close to an hour of the soundtrack is now available on YouTube to listen to.

65daysofstatic recently sat down with British publication, The Independent, to reveal how they became the sound behind the highly-anticipated title.

“Way back in 2013 we received a request to license the track ‘Debutante’ from our album We Were Exploding Anyway for a promotional trailer for No Man’s Sky,” recounted Joe Shrewsbury, one of the band’s founding members. “We were intrigued by the game, and asked to learn more, and the more we learnt the more we wanted to be involved. We made it abundantly clear that if they didn’t have someone lined up to do the soundtrack, we’d be interested. Fortunately for us, they were fans of our music already, and we met up with Sean not long after that, and were subsequently offered the project.”

No Man’s Sky launches on August 9th on PS4 and August 12th on PC.

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